An Architectural Impressionist

Superior Screens is creating architectural impressions in both the residential and commercial building spheres with its newly extended range of fixed louvres.

The Adjustable Louvres which are made in COLORBOND® steel and available in more than 20 colours, are now available in a range of tilt angles from zero degrees right up to 90 degrees.

According to Production Manager, Ms Rita Turnour the extended range of tilt angles has increased the usability and placement options of the Louvres.

“Originally the louvre was quite humble in its endeavours and was designed as a vertical window cover, but now, we find that customers are developing their own uses for the louvres,” said Ms Turnour.

“Customers still use the louvres on windows but install them on all sorts of angles to create different effects.

“The Steel or Aluminium louvres have also been used well with patios, as gates and as surrounds to air-conditioning plants and hydrant areas.

“We’ve seen the louvres being used to hide wheelie bins while creating striking garden features.

“It seems the louvres’ uses are limited only by our customers’ imaginations,” she said.

The Superior Screens louvres are made from roofing-grade COLORBONDd® steel that has a life expectancy of at least 30 years and are available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours as well as in Zincalume and stainless steel.

The louvres also meet strict local council privacy regulations while offering great shade, weather protection and screening options.